Abraham Turner, the director of the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce has been the center of the media’s headlines since the scandal’s began in 2011, when Nikki Haley appointed Turner to the force as General. However recently, the headlines have changes, as Turner was involved in a motorcycle crash that has the news talking about something different…for once!

What is strange about this particular incident is that the facts are still being whittled away. It is unclear when the accident occurred, if any other people or vehicles were involved in the accident, and if Turner himself was responsible or not.

The details are still unclear, and not surprisingly, the agency has decided ” not to comment” at this time. All we know is from an email by SCDEW Chief of Staff that states ““General Turner was wearing a helmet and personal protective equipment therefore (sic) his injuries, while serious, were not life-threatening,” and that “the important thing he needs now is time to rest and heal.”

Turner has reported to only have minor injuries, but as for the rest, it is still a motorcycle mystery.