Sunday Afternoon was busy for all Interstate 77 drivers as an overturned vehicle caused numerous delays throughout the remainder of the day.The department of Transportation announced the location of the overturned vehicle was on I-77 northbound near the Sunset road exit.

The accident is still being investigated, but thus far there has been one patient with ” potentially life threatening injuries,” who was transported to Carolina’s Medical Center’s main campus.

The cause of the accident was  due to rain buildup resting atop the surface of the roadways.  A 2004 Chevy Blazer hydroplaned, causing the vehicle to overturn. The scene delayed traffic for hours, as the left, and left center lane were blocked as the clean-up crew scrambled to clean up the wreckage as fast as possible. It was not until 4:28 p.m. that they lanes were totally cleared.

There is no belief by the authorities that alcohol nor speed played a role in this particular accident.

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