That beautiful spring weather is fast approaching. Which means, it’s about time to bring that bike of yours out of hibernation. The weather is right, and that means the time has come. But, before you hop back on the hog, it’s important that you spend a little time in the garage. Why, you ask? Well, it’s time to do that warm weather maintenance. You likely don’t ride as much in the winter, therefore there’s a few extra steps you need to take to make sure you, and your bike, are in riding condition.

Warm Weather Maintenance for Your Bike: Before You Leave the Garage

Start with electronics

Check those wires. If you keep your bike in a garage, it avoids most of those winter woes. But, one it might not avoid— is the electronics. It could be a mouse, everyday wear and tear, or a freak accident. No matter the cause, it’s worth a check before you get back out there and realize halfway through that your speedometer isn’t working.

Now, let’s move on to the battery

At the very least, it might need a quick scrub with the wire brush. Build up happens over time, especially depending on where you store it. I’m sure you know, but if not, build up on those battery terminals can cause a poor connection. In short, your battery might not work— but with a little elbow grease, it just might. No matter if the battery is bar, or just dirty— it’s a quick and easy fix.

Next, let’s check those fluids

It’s time to check the brake and fuel lines. Get them drained, cleaned up, and topped off before you even consider getting back out there. Keeping them in proper shape can increase the life of your bike, but also keep from potential failures along the way.

We’re almost finished! Sprockets and chains time

It’s time to check them out, clean them up, lube them up, and get ready to go. Winter is typically pretty dry, and that dryness can be tough on your chains. So, giving them that once over and moisturizing them can increase the life and decrease the chance of failure.

Lastly, give those tires some love

Another aspect of your bike that can suffer greatly from winter weather are your tires. The air is getting cold, then colder, and then hot again— especially if you live in the South. So, it’s easy for tire pressure to fluctuate. Check and make sure they’re pumped up, no holes, flat tires, or bald spots. once you’ve done this, you’ve completed your warm weather maintenance and you’re ready to ride. But remember, safety first!