If you’re a nine-to-fiver, as well as a biker, it’s easy to assume that you take most of your trips on the weekend. The warm air, the coastlines, and the crowds. There’s no doubt about it— for a biker, that weekend riding is a dream come true. But, what you might not know, is that weekend riding comes with it’s own unique set of risks. So, what makes it different than riding on any other day of the week? What about the weekend makes it harder for me to stay safe? We’re going to explain it to you.

Weekend Riding: Why It Can Be More Dangerous

Heavier ‘Fun Traffic’

Think about how you and the people you know spend your average weekend. Goin to the mountains, the beach, the breweries, or brunch. Most people, especially those who work during the week, are out and about on the weekend. This means more traffic on the road, which for bikers, means a bit more risk.

Heavier Fun Traffic = More Alcohol

We are hoping that people will ultimately do the right thing when it comes to drinking and driving, the simple fact of the matter is: not everyone does. So, you add more people to the roadway, a potential for more impaired drivers, and a motorcycle, and you have a pretty good recipe for mishap. This is not to say that you aren’t a smart driver, or that something bad will inevitably happen. It is just to say that the potential is a bit higher.

That potential has a few more risks for you than, say, your four-wheeled friends. So, it is something to keep in mind when you’re planning out your trip. Maybe avoid those peak times, windy roads, and heavy traffic.

We know that the weekends are for you too… so just be more careful

There is always the potential for danger on the roadway. If you’re a smart and cautious driver, you are typically able to prepare for and avoid an accident. But, you also have to prepare for the possibility of unforeseen circumstance. Drive safe, be smart, be aware, and keep your following distance.