Rock Hill / Fort Mill / Indian Land Workers Comp Lawyer SC WC Assoc

While there are many attorneys in York County, there are relatively few lawyers that focus their practices on workers’ compensation here in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, or Indian Land. Before deciding which law firm to hire, it is critically important to carefully compare actual credentials and experience in the area of law. We invite you to consider the firm of Reeves Aiken Hightower & Burns LLP and our workers comp lawyer Robert J. Reeves. Mr. Reeves has over 25 years workers compensation experience. He is a former Registered Nurse (RN) who understands complex injury cases. He is also a former workers compensation insurance defense attorney who knows how carriers value cases and what defenses to prepare against. We maintain offices in Baxter Village which serves our clients in Fort Mill and Indian Land. We also have an office in Rock Hill to meet with clients there by appointment.

Before choosing a workers comp lawyer here in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, or Indian Land, we believe you should expect certain qualifications from any lawyer you are considering. If they do not have these credentials, we respectfully suggest you look at hiring another firm. The following list below is what we term the Workers’ Compensation Client’s Bill of Rights:

1.  You have the right to expect that your workers comp lawyer has actually read Title 42. If they don’t know what Title 42 is, move on.

2.  You have the right to expect that your lawyer has actually tried cases before the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission. Hopefully, at a minimum, they have tried at least 50 cases tried to completion. If not, you should keep looking.

3. You should expect your workers comp lawyer to have argued appeals before the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Full Commission. Being able to debate workers’ compensation law makes your attorney better able to prepare cases for hearing when they can anticipate insurance company defenses.

4. You have the right to expect your lawyer will actually meet with your personally to review your case and options. Too many “mill” law firms utilize “intake” persons or paralegals to meet with clients. This is unethical behavior and not respectful to their clients. If it is not worth the lawyer’s time, they are not worth your time.

5.  You should expect your workers comp lawyer to read your medical records in full. The most valuable part of any workers compensation claim is the medical treatment. Money is secondary. Getting the best possible medical care and recovery is the most important aspect and should be your lawyer’s primary concern. Of course, it helps if your lawyer has any medical training or experience to know what they are actually reading. It is also important when it is necessary to take doctor’s depositions or send letters to establish necessary medical causation.

6. You have the right to have your lawyer actually return your phone calls or emails. Paralegals are great, and they do a fine job with most workers compensation claim tasks. However, they work for the lawyer. Your lawyer works for you. That’s why when you need to get answers, you should be able to speak with your lawyer. If they won’t return your calls, you need to call another lawyer.

7.  You deserve a lawyer who will actually fight for you and your family. It is always easier to settle a case than to prepare and go to trial. However, that is not always the best course. If your lawyer seems more interested in settlement or argues with you about taking the “easy money,” you should consider hiring someone else. It is “always safer in harbor, but that’s not what fighting ships are built for.”

8. You should expect your workers comp lawyer to fully answer all of your questions and give you options in your case. If a lawyer cannot answer basic workers compensation questions, you can conclude that lawyer does not really know what they are doing. If they cannot clearly articulate options with pros and cons, you should keep looking for an experienced workers compensation attorney.

9. You have the right to expect your lawyer to belong to organizations that reflect their commitment to an area of practice. Mr. Reeves has been a member and proud supporter of the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Educational Association since 1989. Workers’ compensation cases are different from regular negligence actions and have unique filing requirements and deadlines. Lawyers who only “dabble” in workers compensation cases often stumble through the process and make critical mistakes. Insurance defense firm lawyers limit their practice to workers compensation and do it everyday. Better make sure your workers comp lawyer knows what they are doing to balance the playing field.

10. You should demand your workers comp lawyer know and keep up with changes in the law. Somewhat surprisingly, there are regular appellate court decisions affecting workers compensation cases. Each month, there are several new opinions which further clarify and sometimes alter what is required in presenting workers compensation cases before the Commission. If critical evidence is not preserved or objections made, they are lost forever if the case is later appealed. Serious injury cases are vigorously defended and often result in an appeal to the Full Commission and sometimes further to a Circuit Court or even the South Carolina Supreme Court. Mr. Reeves has argued numerous Full Commission appeals during his 25 year career and is published in an appellate decision at the South Carolina Court of Appeals.

As you can see from the above list, you should have a number of basic expectations from the lawyer you choose to represent you in a South Carolina workers compensation case. As you consider your choices, we encourage you to take this Workers’ Compensation Client Bill of Rights with you as you interview different workers comp lawyers and ask them the “hard questions.” With these requirements in mind, you will quickly be able to separate those attorneys who know workers compensation law and those who are just “posers.” You know this is serious, and you need a serious workers comp lawyer to take care of you and your family. After you have met with others, give us a call before you decide. You can reach Mr. Reeves directly on his mobile phone 803-554-4157. Call him now for answers and options. You can also download our eBook for a basic overview of South Carolina workers’ compensation law and what to expect.