If you’ve been involved with an work accident that could potentially lead to a worker’s compensation claim, it’s important that you get checked out. Say, you slip and fall on some grease in the warehouse. Maybe you’re feeling alright right now, but you bumped your head pretty hard. You might feel like you can skip out on seeing a doctor, but we’re going to explain to you why you shouldn’t. No one wants their worker’s compensation claim to be denied. But, the fact of the matter is, sometimes they are. So, here’s why seeing a doctor after a work accident can be beneficial to you in the long run.

Seeing a doctor after a work accident: how doing so can save your potential claim

Getting checked out after a work accident is pretty beneficial in a number of ways. You’re learning about the potential side effects of your injury, the severity of it, but also— you’re doing another very important thing. That very important thing is ‘creating a record’. By seeing a doctor, they are creating a record of the injury, when it happened, and the severity of it. While you might not think you need to put in a claim and take some time off right now, after a day or two of taking care of the injury— you might change your mind.

Creating a record of the injury

When you see a doctor, they’ll be able to suggest a treatment plan. Before seeing them, you might have thought a good night of sleep and a bit of ice can do the trick. But, say you have a concussion, or whiplash, or a sprain. Those types of injuries might require a chiropractor, a follow-up visit, medications, or physical therapy. The good thing about a worker’s compensation claim is that it covers all of those things. Any injury that requires medical intervention is typically costly. If you were the victim of a work accident— you should not be liable for paying for treatment.

But, that’s starts with seeing a doctor and creating that record

Maybe you want to take a week; sit on the potential claim and decide if that’s the route you want to take. This is ultimately only a viable options when you have that record from the day of the doctor’s visit. Worker’s compensation claims can be seamless, or they can come with difficulties. Ultimately, it all depends on how timely you are. We wish you luck in dealing with your worker’s compensation claim and injury.