A South Carolina worker has been killed as a result of a workplace accident which caused him to fall into a stamping machine, at a manufacturing plant.  The 60-year-old man was working on the machine in Williamston, SC when he lost control of where he was standing, falling into the machine.

According to the Stanco Metal Products plant manager, the machine did have safety features attached.  However, it is unknown whether the mechanics were working at the time of the accident.  The question is why the safety features did not activate when the man was so close to the machine.  OSHA will make the determination as to whether the safety features were operating properly.

This is not the first accident at the South Carolina plant.  In 2007, a worker fell from a scissor lift as he was working on the power lines.  The company was fined for this circumstance.

In South Carolina, workers’ compensation is contained in the insurance policy your employer must carry in order to ensure that the employees injured at work can obtain necessary medical treatment and needed financial help in the time after an injury has occurred.  Further, by law, every South Carolina employer with four or more full-time employees must have workers compensation insurance.

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