When it comes to worker’s comp cases— there are plenty of cases that come through our offices. From slips and falls, broken bones, construction injuries… It seems that hurt workers emerge from every field— no matter the assumed danger. However, what happens when you’re faced with workplace violence?

Workplace violence can come in different forms. From verbal and physical abuse, sexual violence, robbery… This type of violence comes in many different forms, which means that there are many ways to address it… 

Workplace Violence: Addressing Unexpected Trauma 


Quite obviously, the best way to handle this type of trauma— is to prevent it. While accidents will always happen— there are certain steps you can take to prevent violence…

  • Review your hiring and vetting process. Consider more in-depth background checks, reference checks— and even annual or semi-annual reviews of all staff. 
  • Review security and update. Install cameras, metal detectors, or whatever security settings you see fit to prevent danger in your workplace. 
  • Encourage staff to report threats, incidents, or fears of workplace violence in a way that makes them comfortable. Anonymous tips, emails to HR, and other means of reporting can prevent many issues.
  • Take time every now and then to encourage team building exercises
  • Provide workplace counselors for those in need, or those who face tragedy in their work or personal life. 

Understand common stressors, causes, and red flags 

There are some issues that can be outside of your control— such as sexual abuse, or armed robbery. However, much workplace violence occurs when there are angry employees, faulty protocol, improperly vetted employees, or general stress. 

If you find yourself suspicious of potential workplace violence, or the victim of such, it’s important that you seek out assistance…

…Whether that comes in form of calling the police, reporting to your boss, or an attorney after the fact— there are options for prevention and also dealing with the problem. 

If you have been the victim of workplace violence, we offer our condolences. The events you have endured can lead to injuries, physical and emotional trauma, as well as resulting medical costs— depending on the event. Therefore, you might need an attorney to defend your right to damages.