Checkpoints were set up in York County, South Carolina over the Memorial Day weekend, and more than 300 warnings and 180 seat belt Blog-DWI Checkpointcitations were handed out.  However, there were no local fatalities in, what was reported to be, one of South Carolina’s deadliest Memorial Day weekends in years.  State troopers and law enforcement agencies teamed up to initiate checkpoints in what is beginning the most deadly time of the year for DUI’s.

The heightened level of law enforcement began at around 6:00 p.m. on Friday evening and ended at midnight on Monday, and as a result of safer driving and enhanced police activity, no fatalities were reported in York County.  However, throughout the state, troopers have reported twelve fatalities this past weekend, which is up from the eight that were reported last year and the year before.

Although there were no reported fatalities in York, and Chester Counties, a motorcyclist was killed in a crash in Lancaster County after allegedly under the influence of alcohol.  And, so far this year, 259 people have died in traffic accidents on state roads, this is down from 348 highway deaths this time last year.

In York County, officials made ten DUI arrests, seized marijuana, and issued 304 warnings and 184 seat belt citations.  The following illustrates the arrest numbers in local areas regarding arrest numbers:

  1. In York County, there were 10 DUI arrests; 184 seat belt citations; 304 warnings; 644 cases; and, 33 crashes.
  2. In Chester/Fairfield Counties, there were 8 DUI arrests; 150 seat belt citations; 304 total cases; 157 warnings; and, 17 crashes. 
  3. In Lancaster/Chesterfield Counties, there were 7 DUI arrests; 84 seat belt citations; 238 warnings; and, 14 crashes. 

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