A York County police report this weekend stated that a man kicked a York County Sheriff Deputy after he was a pulled over for driving under the influence of pills and alcohol.  Thereafter, he attempted to flee from police.

The man was pulled over into the Food Lion parking lot near Lake Wylie.  The police report states that the deputy attempted to stop the man, and a pursuit around the parking lot ensued.  The man appeared intoxicated to police while he was racing the engine of his Ford Mustang.

When police attempted to tase the man, he ripped the taser leads from his body and began to run.  The police then reportedly tackled him down an embankment.  Then, according to police, the man struck a deputy by kicking him as the police attempted to tase the man a second time.

The man is being charged with DUI, possession of controlled substances, underage possession of alcohol and four counts of assaulting a police officer while resisting arrest, according to authorities.

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