Eye injuries are surprisingly common in the workplace. Many of these injuries tend to be avoidable if proper safety measures are taken. Being aware of eye injury causes and what you can do to protect yourself can help keep you safe at the workplace…

Eye Injuries: Causes & Protection

Common causes

Different workplaces may have different causes of eye injuries. For example, workers who do a lot of cutting or sawing will have to watch for flying bits of metal or wood. Meanwhile, workers who handle chemicals will run the risk of these chemicals potentially entering their eyes. Even light can be a risk if a worker is handling lasers or other high-intensity light sources.

These hazards can also show up in combination with each other. This further increases the chances of a worker receiving an eye injury. This is why it’s especially important for workers to take steps to protect themselves.

Remove risks before working

The best kind of protection against eye injuries is being aware of what could be a risk in the first place. It’s important to preform safety checks of your workplace before you start your work. This will not only let you spot and remove potential eye hazards, but other hazards as well. 

For those risks you can’t remove, try to use some other safety options available to you. For example, many machines will come with guards or screens. These can help you still see what you’re doing, while also having an added layer of protection if things go wrong.

Eye protection

Of course, there is always eye protection. Eye protection is the most preferred and commonly recommended way of preventing eye injuries. Eye protection will let you have that full control over your work while also keeping yourself safe. 

The kind of eye protection you should use depends on the work you’re doing. Safety glasses can help keep your eyes safe from flying debris. Goggles will help protect your eyes when handling chemicals. If you’re working with intense light, you’ll want to make sure your eye protection also comes with UV protection as well.

Eye injuries are something that no worker wants to deal with. That’s why it’s crucial to know what you can do to keep yourself safe. Taking those steps to protect your eyes will ensure you can do your job safely and productively. Furthermore, if you are facing this type of injury (or any type of injury), it is important to make your employer aware and properly document your condition.