Coming back from war can be a huge adjustment, in a number of different ways. From PTSD, to getting back into your civilian life, and finding work outside of the military— no part of this change is easy. However, one part of that adjustment which should be made easier is finding employment post-deployment. However, the sad fact of the matter is, it can be really difficult for veterans to find work outside of the military. But, we’re here to help change that. 

Finding Employment Post-Deployment: Veteran’s Affairs 

Expect your job to be extremely different 

One of the largest struggles for veteran’s readjusting into civilian life is the vast difference between the impact their job has on the world around them. After all, the choices you make during deployment can mean life or death. Therefore, a common complaint when finding employment post-deployment is that it lacks excitement and impact. While there is certainly some truth to your job not holding the same kind of impact as it did on the battlefront, you have to understand that the impact of your new position is merely a different type.

Understand that your impact will look different, but is still important 

As we’ve begun to explain, you have to begin to understand that impact is not a one-trick pony. Every person in a job position serves a purpose. Depending on what your job is, your purpose will look a bit different. However, even when you’re serving coffee— you’re helping people start their day, be productive, and improve their attitude for the people around them. Your job, and the way you do it, makes a difference in how other people are able to do theirs. Finding employment post-deployment might mean adjusting your opinion on what making a difference looks like. This can be difficult sometimes. Therefore, it might help to try and put some of those reasons why you’re leaving the military into perspective. 

Remember why you’re there

You left the military for a certain reason. That reason is unique to every single person. Whether your contract is up, you have a baby on the way, or you’ve been injured— your objective for getting out is something to keep in mind. Finding employment post-deployment can be difficult. Especially when you’re looking for the right fit. Finding something that focuses in on your special skills, as well as provides you with time to do those things you were missing out on while you were gone. 

Research companies that aim to hire veterans 

Companies such as Boeing, USAA, U.S. Customs, Amazon, and Coca Cola are among those listed as ‘companies actively looking to hire vets’. When finding employment post-deployment, a great place to start is at the Veterans Affairs office. There are many companies across the country that make it their mission to hire veterans, and the VA will often be able to point you in the right direction. However, there are plenty of resources you can find online as well.