Not too terrible long ago, in the very recent past, people rarely saw or expected to come across a DUI checkpoint. The common belief of most drivers was that DUI checkpoints were only on major roads such as exits off the interstate or major highways. And even when there was a checkpoint, it was only on special occasions when one would expect people to be drinking, such as the 4th of July or New Years.

However, In Rock Hill, Clover, Lake Wylie, Fort Mill and across all of York County, this is simply no longer the case. Now it is not uncommon to come across a DUI checkpoint at random places, on less traveled roads and at times when no one would expect to come across a DUI checkpoint. It has become all too common for Law Enforcement to change up their strategies to catch people who drink and drive, and as a result, you may come across a DUI checkpoint when you least expect it.

Unfortunately, it’s not always someone who is under the influence to be a victim of these checkpoints. Often, people who had one or two drinks with dinner or with a friend come across a checkpoint and as a result are charged with DUI.

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