A man from Indian Land has been pronounced dead after a terrifying motorcycle accident in Lancaster County.  According to the police Rock Hill Motorcycle Injuryreports, the 68-year-old was riding a 2007 Harley Davidson westbound on South Carolina’s Highway 903 after 12:45 p.m.

He was traveling at the posted speed limit when all of the sudden he tipped over or “spilled” from the motorcycle. No sources have been able to state yet why the man was unable to stabilize himself throughout his route.

What witnesses have stated, however, is that the man had been riding motorcycles for almost 50 years and was considered one of the most experienced riders in his community.

The resident retired at Sun City Lakes adult retirement community, where he had a reputation for riding. He was active in activities both in and outside of the retirement facility.

People who knew him spoke well of him, but always made mention of his love for riding motorcycles, and how safe and careful he always was when traveling on his bike.  Further, at the time of the accident, the man was wearing his helmet.

The actual cause of death is still yet to be determined; however the man was pronounced dead on scene, so he most likely suffered very little. Officials are working diligently to determine the exact cause of death.

What is important to note about this particular story is that even the most experienced riders can have fatal accidents while driving their motorcycle. Thus, extra safety precautions are always a must, as they may reduce the likelihood of serious injury or even worse, death.  If it is determined that someone else was at fault, the family of the rider may have a wrongful death claim for the other driver’s negligence.

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