When it comes to motorcycle manners and etiquette, there are some things that are sacred. Having proper etiquette on your motorcycle means that you’re following the law, driving considerately, and showing courtesy towards other riders and drivers. By being a responsible motorcyclist, you help to kill the biker stigma, keep yourself  safe, and make drivers and riders aware of the moves you might be making. Therefore, using motorcycle manners and etiquette can do a lot for you, and other people on the roadway.

Motorcycle Manners and Etiquette: Breaking Biker Bias & Being Considerate

Be mindful of other bikers when coming up close

The first rule of motorcycle manners is to be respectful of other bikers’ space. When approaching another biker, don’t ride up too closely. If you want to pass, give them the signal that you’re going to do so. You don’t want to make the other driver angry, anxious, or nervous by riding too close. So, give them space just like you’d want. Furthermore, give them enough time to respond and react to your signals when you give them. By respecting their space, they’ll be more likely to respect you, and your space.


Yep, it’s that simple. When you’re riding around other motorcyclists— waving or giving a quick nod is customary, and a sign of respect. By doing this, you’re showing that you see them, and you’re aware of their space. Many motorcyclists will make more of a habit to wave at someone on the same brand of bike as theirs. But, waving at any and all is a sign of respect that can go a long way.

How these signs and symbols can help reduce biker bias

The images that come to mind (for most) of bikers are particularly destructive to the motorcycle community. While we are aware that motorcyclists are just your every day bankers, doctors, moms, dads, and so forth— the stigma of inconsiderate speed demons is quite a popular one. Therefore, by showing that the motorcycle community is, in fact, a community, and not a gang of lawless bandits— you help to strengthen the idea of normal people who love bikes. Help to show that, we too, have manners like the rest of the drivers on the road.