A truck driver has a number of important responsibilities they must take on. One of those includes watching their weight limits. Not only do overloads hurt a company’s reputation, but it also can bring on hefty overweight fines. However, there are some steps you can take to make sure you avoid these fines…

Overweight Fines: Ways To Avoid Them

Double-check your load

One way you can avoid overweight fines is by double-checking your loads. Remember that truck scales check more than just if your truck and trailer are over their acceptable weight limit. They also check how that weight is distributed. If a weight station finds that your truck isn’t carrying the weight properly, you can still be hit with an overweight fine.

Therefore, it’s important to double-check what you’re carrying if you can. Make sure that the load you’re carrying is secure and well-balanced too. If you need to, use things like ties or other restraints to ensure your load is secure and balanced enough to meet the weight requirements.

Consider your fuel

At first, you might not think that fuel adds that much weight to your truck. However, having a full tank can add a considerable amount to your weight. That weight could be enough to put you over the weight limits, and result in overweight fines.

Therefore, you’ll want to do your best to balance out your fuel levels across your trip. It might be more beneficial in the long run to make more stops for fuel than load up during one stop. That way, you can avoid an overweight fine due to having too much fuel. Plus, these stops will give you a chance to stretch and rest during your trip. 

Plan out your route

Planning out a good route can really help you avoid overweight fines. A good, efficient route can help you save both time and money. While there are many things you’ll want to plan your route around, some of the important ones are truck scales, truck stops, and gas stations.

Some people might try and plan their routes around permanent weight stations. However, many officials carry portable scales with them as well. Therefore, it’s best to make sure you meet the weight requirements at all times just in case.