The Rock Hill Police Department had their patrol cars put to the test early Sunday morning when they were forced to chase a suspect down by vehicle.Crimianl Defense Attorney

Apparently, the officers were simply practicing a routine patrol in downtown Rock Hill when the turned down East Main Street a little after midnight.

It was at that point that they saw a gray 1990 Buick that had a paper tag and no headlights on at that time of night.

It was at that moment the police beleived they were to pursue a routine traffic stop, flipped on their blue lights, and begin to follow the car.

The car moved over tot he right side of the road, and the officers thought the car was actually stopping, but instead, the car sped away and turned down numerous streets before the police finally apprehended the defendant on Flint Extension, after the car had crashed into a telephone pole.

After the 45 year old defendant crashed, he jumped out of the vehicle and began to flee on foot from the police. He was eventually found hiding behind a shed on Marshall Street.

His ultimate charge was failing to stop for the blue light, and driving under a suspended license.

According to South Carolina Law, under Section 16-23-10(4), if you flee from a police officer, you will be considered to be a ” fugitive from justice.” A  fugitive from justice” means any person who has fled from or is fleeing from any law enforcement officer to avoid prosecution or imprisonment for a crime of violence.”Section 16-23-10(4).

In other words, the defendant willbe considered to be a fleeing felon, or a fugitive from justice because he ” ran from the blue light.”

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