As we move towards the winter months, winter workplace accidents become much more likely to happen. You might not consider how the different times of year can increase or decrease your chances of getting hurt. But, with each season comes different elements to prepare for. So, we’re here to help. Below, we’re going to make sense of some of the most common winter workplace accidents, and steps you can take as employees (and employers) to keep yourself, and others, safe from danger. As we all know, accidents do happen. However, by practicing caution and care, we can reduce the number of incidents dramatically…

Winter Workplace Accidents: Common Incidents and Prevention

Shivers and Slips

If you work outside frequently, you know how hot and cold it can get depending on the time of year. Therefore, wearing appropriate dress can keep you from overheating, getting frostbite, and receiving other weather-related traumas. In the winter months, wear gloves and thick jackets. You want to be able to brave the elements if you know you’ll be spending a lot of time amongst them. Furthermore, if you’re in a work area, make sure to wear slip resistant shoes. When there’s snow on the ground, or water, you might find that there are more areas in and outside that can be easy to slip on. So, keep your eyes peeled, and also keep your feet planted on the ground. Good traction goes a long way in doing just that.

Keeping Floors and Ground Slip Resistant

As we mentioned above, tracking in snow and water can become potentially disastrous for employees and employers. For this reason, having mats in place is essential to eliminating a few of those accidents. By placing proper mats near entry and exit ways, you encourage employees to dry off their feet before entering the workspace. In doing so, you reduce the number of potential fall spots without even making too much of an effort. Furthermore, shovel walkways and slick spots. In taking the time to clear walkways, you can protect your employees and even customers. While ice is outside of your control, a customer will often make their accident your responsibility to care for.

Allow for a bit more down time

When you’re working outside in the cold, having a moment to knock off that chill can go a long way in preventing winter workplace injuries. When the space you’re working in is unheated, take a moment. Warm those bones for a moment, and then get back to work. Making your safety a priority, or the safety of your employees, is key to preventing accidents.

Remember that accidents do, and will, happen

While we can take plenty of steps to prevent accidents, there will still be an ‘oops’ every now and then. If you, or one of your employees, faces a winter workplace accident, it’s important that you treat it with care. File a claim, see a doctor, and take the time to heal properly. Every accident is different, but the chance for a full recovery is something we all hope to see. We wish you luck in treating an injury, and offer our services if you find that you may need them.