The days, weeks, and months, following a work injury can be extremely stressful. The process of a worker’s comp injury, from paperwork, appointments, and requirements, can make your days feel long. Not to mention, these things can bring worry over receiving those necessary benefits. Not to mention, recovery, and the feelings that come along with it. There’s no denying that when it comes to work injury stress, there are plenty of different ways that it can creep in. So, how do you cope with it? And what can you do to manage your feelings, and ease your mind?

Work Injury Stress: Tips for Coping

Talk to a Worker’s Compensation Attorney

Along with a work injury, comes a lot of financial stress and pressure. Your work injury likely will prevent you from being able to perform the responsibilities that are set forth by your position. For this reason, you’ll likely need some period of time spent away from your position. While, with a work injury, you should receive benefits it can be daunting to watch all of those expenses add up. Furthermore, if you notice that your employer is trying to deny the compensation you deserve in any capacity, you should speak with an attorney. While, in many cases, you won’t have to worry about your employer trying to get over on you— that is not always the case. So, with cases that seem to be headed in this direction, or any major injury case, you should speak with an attorney.

Educate yourself on the injury

Your doctors are knowledgeable, and there to answer the questions you have about your injury, and resulting issues that might arise. So, make a list of questions, make use of your time. After all, you’ll be spending quite a bit of time in the doctor’s office following an injury. Furthermore, do your own research from reliable sources. It’s easy to feel out of control when it comes to a work injury, being that you’re having to meet worker’s comp requirements. So, getting information is one way to reduce stress, and take control.

Build a Relationship With Your Doctor

This doctor is not the doctor you’re used to seeing. However, this is the doctor who will be getting up close and personal with your injury. So, build trust with that doctor. It can be easy to feel distrustful of a doctor you had no control over choosing. But, you have the chance to ask questions, take notes, and follow their recovery plan. You’ll be spending a lot of time with the doctor. So, finding ways to trust them and their process can make a big difference in how you feel overall.

Rely on the Support of Family and Friends

Since this can be such a difficult time, it’s important to reach out and accept help from others. Sometimes, allowing people to help us can be one of the hardest aspects of dealing with an injury. However, fighting against it will only add to your worries and increase your work injury stress. So, try to allow your family and friends to be the support system you need.