When it comes to on the job injuries, knee injuries can be some of the most common. From construction workers, to nurses, people of many different professions are at risk for knee injuries. While some knee problems can be mild, other injuries may be more severe and require a long recovery process. So, we’re here to take a look at some of the most common workplace knee injuries.

Workplace Knee Injuries: Avoiding Incident

Meniscus injuries

Meniscus injuries prove to be some of the most common on-the-job injuries. This injury can come from a serious accident, or just twisting your knee a certain way. It’s normally signaled by intense pain and a feeling that your knee is giving out. It can also trigger a lot of swelling, which may prevent your normal range of motion. In cases of severe meniscus tears, your doctor will want to proceed with surgery and physical therapy. However, compared to other knee injuries the recovery process for this tear is usually not long. In addition, most people experience a full recovery and have very few problems later on.

Ligament Injuries

These types of issues take place in the ligaments that surround the left and ride sides of your knee. In most cases, these injuries occur because of an accident. You will most likely be able to feel it the moment you tear either your ACL, MCL, or PCL. Unlike a meniscus injury, these problems usually require months of recovery. In fact, sometimes an ACL tear can require reconstructive surgery.

In cases of workplace knee injuries, it’s so important to report your accident right away. The only way to diagnose a knee problem such as these is to have an MRI. This scan alone can be very costly. In addition, the doctor’s visits, cost of surgery, and physical therapy will be expensive. Therefore, you want to make sure to report your injury so that you can receive the proper coverage.

However, if your injury isn’t due to a specific accident, it’s still important to report the pain you are having. You never know when the daily demand of your job will lead to knee injuries. So, even though you haven’t experienced a specific accident, that doesn’t mean you haven’t injured your knee.