Youth Addiction: Parental Support

Addiction is not just something which affects adults. In fact, youth addiction is a serious problem as well. As such, it’s important for parents to know what they can do to help their kids avoid these substances, or help them get clean…

Youth Addiction: Offering Help

Addiction factors

There’s a lot of factors behind youth addiction. For instance, it could be a result of things such as social influences. Their friends may try and convince them to take these substances because it’s “cool” or “adult-like.” This sort of peer pressure causes many youths to go overboard and end up with an addiction.

However, psychological factors can also contribute to an addiction. If a kid is struggling with something like depression, then they may turn to drugs to try and cope. Other times, it may even be family members or friends whose behavior encourages kids to use these drugs and become addicted because they think it’s okay to do so.

Abused substances

Like with the factors, there’s also many different substances which are involved in youth addiction. Alcohol is probably to most common kind. This is because it’s relatively easier for younger people to get their hands on it. Plus, with how it’s more accepted in adult society, kids don’t fully understand just how dangerous it can be.

In recent times, many younger people have also been developing addictions to opioids. In particular, stimulants and sedatives have been growing in popularity. The former is used mainly by students to try and improve their study and test-taking abilities. The latter is more used in a party context to help them relax, and is frequently taken with alcohol, which is a very dangerous combination.

Providing help

The best way to curb youth addiction is for parents to talk to their kids. Sitting down with them and letting them know about the dangerous is key. Many times, kids simply just don’t know how dangerous or addictive these substances are. By informing them, you can better encourage them to make smarter decisions.

At the same time, parents should also show that they still love and support their kids if they are struggling with an addiction. Odds are, they already feel like they have let you down. By showing you are willing to support them getting clean, this can help encourage them to get the treatment they need.  

Hand Sanitizer: Global Problems & Local Solutions

In desperate times, people around the world are rushing out in search of essential items such as food, water, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer. However, as people head out in mass to secure these items— we find ourselves facing a shortage. For people at higher risk of contracting COVID-19, the lack of available hand sanitizer in particular is threatening. From empty shelves, to a shockingly out-of-stock Amazon, and greedy price gougers— there doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. However, a group of unlikely heroes is coming to the rescue: brewers and distillers. 

Hand Sanitizer Shortage: Alcohol Industry to the Rescue

International Efforts

Many makers are stepping up to finds way they can fight the hand sanitizer shortage around the world. One of the first companies to take this step was Pernod Ricard. Pernod Ricard is a French drinks group that specializes primarily in whiskeys and vodkas, among other types of alcohol. In fact, they are the company behind some well-known favorites— such as Jameson and Absolut. 

Last week, the TTB decided to allow for ethanol-based hand sanitizers. After they were given the green light companies such as Pernod Ricard and Diageo got to work. Diageo supplies Guinness, Captain Morgan, Smirnoff, as well as other popular alcohol options. Now that the gate is open, brewers and distillers are getting to work from Arkansas to Sweden and many other places in between. Many of these companies are making sanitizer on a larger scale to supply hospitals. However, many smaller businesses are focusing in on their local communities.

Statewide Efforts

Take Broad Branch Distiller in Winston Salem for example. Broad Branch has created ‘Whiskey Wash’. Whiskey Wash is a spray hand sanitizer made with a 65% alcohol solution. It is available for free in their tasting room where you can also pick up to-go’s. They are offering the product for free while asking for donations to the WS/FC School Buddy Fund. 

Local Efforts

Furthermore, Mecklenburg Co. faces the highest concentration of Coronavirus in the state. Because of this, Unknown Brewing is stepping up to the plate and using their facility to produce hand sanitizer. With 65% ethyl alcohol and essential oils, Good Hands hand sanitizer is available as of today in the taproom for free. Go pick up your Good Hands, your Over The Edge, and a pizza from their resident food truck Passport Dough & Co. They’re even offering combo deals for $20.

Communities coming together 

While this virus has not been kind to our community— it is giving us a valuable lesson in what it means to be a community. This time that has shown us the undesirable true colors of some (I’m looking at you, toilet paper hoarder). However, it has also shown us the many ways that local businesses and Charlotteans come together to support one another. From take out orders with 25% tips, to free delivery services, and employee relief funds… We are learning quickly how much Charlotte cares about the people who choose to spend their lives there. 

The people here at the Law Offices of Robert J. Reeves P.C. are asking you to stay home when possible. Furthermore, we ask that you sanitize your home, hands, and practice social distancing. The sooner we all listen to the CDC, the sooner life will get back to normal.

Stay home, stay safe, and we’ll see you on the other side. 

DUI Detection: ID’ing Drunk Drivers

Drunk drivers are a serious risk to others when they’re on the road. That’s why DUI detection is an important part of a police officer’s job. Knowing these methods could help you in identifying potential drunk drivers as well…

DUI Detection: How Police ID Drunk Drivers

Driving behavior

A person’s driving behavior plays a large role in DUI detection. Due to the effects of alcohol, drunk drivers will tend to drive much more poorly than their sober counterparts. These changes in driving behavior can then indicate to an officer that something might not be right with the driver themselves.

There are plenty of ways in which driving can indicate whether a person is impaired. However, some tells stand out more than others… For example, constant swerving in-between lanes is a common sign of a drunk driver, as is following other drivers too closely, or aggressive speeding.

Sobriety tests

Driving behavior is a good way to pick out potential drunk drivers. However, officers will need to perform a more in-depth look at the driver before making any decisions. That’s why they’ll use other methods of DUI detection as well, such as field sobriety tests.

Field sobriety tests tend to focus on some key areas that alcohol negatively effects. These include a person’s balance, tracking skills, memory, and decision making. These tests give the officer a better indication of whether or not the driver is impaired. After concluding these physical tests they will decide whether or not to move onto a breathalyzer test.


Breathalyzers are another form of DUI detection. Often times, offices will use these devices alongside a field sobriety test. That way, an officer will have some “hard” data to help them determine their course of action. The way that a driver performs on their field sobriety tests, combined with their BAC, and other factors will help officers make the call in terms of DUI detection and arrest.

Of course, you can use some of these detection methods as well. Of course, you won’t be pulling anyone over if you see them driving poorly. However, if they appear to be under the influence, you can make the call and let emergency services know what is going on. Knowing what officers look for can help you know what to look for as well.

St. Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl: Doing it Safely

As St. Patrick’s Day fast approaches in Charlotte, NC— most people are getting ready to hit the streets for Rich and Bennett’s annual bar crawl. This coming Saturday, March 16th is a day we write down in our calendars— prepping for weeks in advance to make sure that we spend the day with good company, drinks, and a solid schedule for bar hopping. While the objective of the day is to drink and be merry— there is some strategy that goes into doing it well… 

St. Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl: Drink Smart 

Start your day with a solid breakfast 

bar crawl
Don’t forget to pick up your bar crawl shirts at any prepay event, or the morning of the crawl, to avoid pesky cover charges!

1: You know what they say about breakfast… it’s the most important meal of the day. The morning of your St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl is no different. In fact, it’s even more important than usual. You already know what your day looks like: boozy. So, set yourself up for success by putting a good layer of food on your stomach. We suggest something like avocado toast, potatoes, and bacon or sausage. You want something of substance; not too greasy, and filling enough to soak up that alcohol— but not drag you down. After all, longevity is the main objective. 

2: Don’t take liquor lightly… 

If you’re doing the Rich and Bennett’s St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl, you might be familiar with the annual specials: $4 16 oz. Bud Lights, $5 Tullamore Dew, and $5 New Amsterdam. You might have noticed that 2/3 of those drink specials are liquor. Therefore, it might be tempting to start your day with a few vodka or whiskey drinks. However, as we’ve mentioned, longevity is the goal. If you want to make it until that 10:00 p.m. mark, or even carry on until the bars close— save those liquor drinks until later in the day… Or maybe skip them altogether. 

3: Stick with the group

While we have plenty of rules on how to drink smart and make your buzz last— realistically, we all know there comes a time when you’re going to feel those drinks. Therefore, it’s important that the people you start with, are the people you stick with throughout the entire St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl. At the very least, make sure you stay in groups of two or more. Being drunk, surrounded by green, and all by yourself? This is not only ill-advised, but it also has the potential to be very dangerous.

4: Lastly, get home safely 

The most important thing you can do in terms of planning your St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl— is to make plans for your ride home. Find a hotel in the city, ride the Light Rail, take an Uber, Lyft, taxi, or set a designated driver. Whatever your plans are, make them in advance. Don’t find yourself stranded without a plan. Instead, take some time out from making those Jell-o shots, and have a serious conversation with your friends. Making plans for the end of the night ensures your safety, gives you peace of mind, and limits your chances of ending up with a DUI charge.

Have fun, be safe, eat, and enjoy your holiday weekend!

New Year’s Resolutions

Driving is something we mostly all do on a daily basis. Furthermore, most of us are aware that there are certain things we could do to become better, and smarter drivers. When considering your New Year’s resolutions, you might consider making some in terms of your driving— and even riding. While we drive all the time, that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re good at it. So, let’s think about ways we can improve… 

New Year’s Resolutions: Driving Smarter and Safer 

Back seat driving 

While this New Year’s resolution doesn’t directly apply to something you do while driving, it’s definitely something that can make a big difference for those you frequently travel with. Something to consider if you know that you are, or even have been called, a backseat driver— is how productive your advice really is.

There’s a certain line between making the driver aware of an impending danger— such as a red light, or someone speeding through the intersection. However, giving random directions, pointing in their face, or making unnecessary suggestions often does more harm than good. In fact, it could even cause an accident. 

Cell Phone Use 

It’s actually quite surprising how many drivers continue to use their cell phones when driving— especially given the new, strict laws that prohibit it. Distracted driving in any capacity is quite dangerous for other drivers, and yourself too. There are many statistics that go to show how dangerous being on your phone while driving can be— similarly as dangerous as drunk driving. If you find yourself speeding too much time on your phone, especially when behind the wheel— making that your New Year’s resolution might be a positive change worth making. 

Drunk Driving 

Furthermore, and just as important a New Year’s resolution as using your cell phone, is drunk driving. Drunk driving is a dangerous, reckless, and sometimes fatal decision to make. While you might do it regularly, and avoid police or accident, there’s no saying when that luck might run out. Therefore, turning the tide for yourself might be the difference between hurting yourself, someone else, or getting a DUI. 

Becoming More Aware

Lastly, and a strong one to consider, is getting becoming more aware of your surroundings. Many of us function by using a GPS on a daily basis. Maybe you know your direct area, but not much more than that. Therefore, when the GPS dies, you might find yourself stranded. Consider taking a few hours on your next weekend off, and driving around your city. Get familiar, and become a better driver in the process. Being better aware of your surroundings is one of the best New Year’s Resolutions you can make…

Alcoholism and Relationship Damage: Managing your Habit 

A bad habit can always be difficult to break However, breaking bad habits can often have a wonderful impact on your life, and your relationships. Take, for example, alcoholism and an intimate relationship. In many cases, serious alcohol abuse can cause relationship damage. Therefore, if you’re finding yourself in this situation, you’re likely looking for ways to save your relationship, your health, and manage your drinking. So, we’re going to focus in on just that…

Alcoholism and Relationship Damage: Managing your Habit

Acknowledging the issue

The first step you can take towards repairing relationship damage due to alcohol, is to acknowledge a problem, and where it starts. If you, and/or your partner, has acknowledged that alcohol is causing an issue in your relationship— it might be time to make a change. Ultimately, you have to decide what alcohol is worth to you. In other words, is your relationship more important to you than having a few drinks on the weekend? If it is, then maybe you should consider doing one of the following things…

Go alcohol-free for a period

Alcohol is bringing harm to the things you hold near and dear. Therefore, going without it for a while might help you prioritize. Not to mention, taking time away from alcohol can help you lose weight, save money, avoid nasty hangovers, and avoid relationship damage. If quitting cold turkey seems daunting to you, cut back bit by bit. Maybe start by going on a date with your significant other, and skipping that glass of wine. Or, do yoga at the end of a day to reduce stress instead of reaching for a cold one. By making this step, you’re showing your partner that you’re serious about making a change.

Have a conversation

No one starts drinking really heavily for no reason at all. Whether you’re stressed, anxious, depressed, angry, or so forth— there’s some reason that you aren’t stopping. So, take some time to talk it out. The person you’re with is supposed to be there for you, and to listen when you need a shoulder to lean on, use that. It’s never a good time to talk about things when you’re under the influence. Typically, when drunk, it’s hard to say what you mean, and it’s easy for tempers to flare. So, using this period of time to talk with one another about your needs and wants might be extremely therapeutic.

Find a new hobby, maybe even together

Drinking is a vice, so replace it. Everyone has a method for relieving stress, and yours just so happens to be drinking. Now that you want to replace alcohol, consider finding a hobby for the two of you together. By doing something together, you have something to talk about, bond over, and improve on together. When you’re in a rut, taking action on something together can make a big difference in how you feel. Not to mention, it can help to rebuild a bit of your relationship that was lost…