Motorcycle Accident Requires Amputation

A motorist in South Carolina has been charged after allegedly fleeing the scene of a motorcycle accident.Motorcycle Accident Attorney  Witnesses report that the man crashed his vehicle into two motorcyclists, injuring one of them to such an extent that his leg had to be amputated.  The man was initially charged with DUI charges; however, these have been dismissed.

The DUI charge was dismissed after a magistrate judge found that they were not supported by probable cause.  However, hit-and-run charges remain, and this will be further examined by a grand jury.  The man was arrested outside of a bar on the night of the accident, when he told patrons of his involvement in the accident, and that he had been drinking subsequently.  The patrons, however, could not say how much the man had consumed.

A blood sample was taken from the driver, but these results have not been made available at this point.  Two motorcyclists were hit by the car, and they were both seriously injured. One rider, as stated previously, had a leg amputated, and the other suffered multiple broken bones.

When you are a motorcyclist, it is important to understand that you may be exposed to more inherent dangers on the road.

The major issue is that a motorcyclist is more exposed to dangers than vehicles because they do not have a protective structure around them.  Further, it is more difficult to see riders.

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Motorcycle Safety Tips from the Personal Injury Firm that Cares

Operating a motorcycle on the roads, and especially the highways these days, is inherently dangerous.  It is becoming more and more important to abide by certain safety precautions when operating any joe-motorcycle and car accidentvehicle, but especially motorcycles due to the fact that your entire body is basically exposed.

First and foremost, the rider MUST wear a helmet.  A crash is likely to occur, especially if you are a rider who navigates busy roads and intersections, and one out of every five motorcycle crashes result in a head or neck injury.  And, this is more likely to occur when the rider is inexperienced, beginning, or untrained.  Some riders don’t wear helmets because they think helmets will limit their view to the sides.  While others only wear helmets on long trips, with the mindset that they are not riding at a high-speed and therefore are not in as much danger.  North Carolina law requires that you wear a helmet at all times; so, wear a helmet!

Next, the right clothing is also imperative for motorcycle riders to wear for protection.  This can protect your skin, and even help to prevent broken bones in an accident.  It also provides comfort, as well as protection from heat, cold, debris and hot moving parts on the motorcycle.  Protective clothing should cover arms and legs completely, and fit snug enough to keep from flapping in the wind.  Sturdy synthetic material provides a lot of protection as well.  Finally, wear gloves to allow a better grip on the handlebars, and protect your hands in a crash.

Third, make sure you have the right motorcycle for you, meaning your feet should reach the ground while you are seated on the motorcycle, and controls should be easy to operate; meaning you should not have to stretch to reach things and the motorcycle should “fit” you.   A tip for beginners is that smaller motorcycles are typically easy to operate.  In other words, do not attempt to ride a customized chopper as your first motorcycle.

Finally, make sure you are completely familiar with the motorcycle controls before you take it out on the street.  If you are riding a borrowed motorcycle, make sure that you:

  1. Make all the checks you would on your own;
  2. Find out where everything is, such as turn signals, horn, and headlights;
  3. Know how to work the throttle, clutch, and brakes; and finally
  4. Ride very cautiously, and always be aware of your surroundings.

These are just a few of the hundreds of safety tips required when one is operating a motorcycle.  While abiding by these basic procedures, new users are recommended to take a safety course as well as read the motorcycle owners manual to ensure you are knowledgeable on all of the devices on the bike.  A large amount of accidents take place each year, when riders are involved in accidents, and due to the fact that they are open while riding, motorcyclists generally feel the brunt of the impact.

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Motorcylist Seriously Injured by Hit-and Run Driver in Rock Hill

In the beginning of May, a motorcyclist was seriously injured when he was struck by a vehicle in Rock Hill, then left the man injured and ran after colliding with him.

Gathering from the police reports, the accident took place a little after 9:00 p.m., at the intersection of Mount Gallant and Celanese Road.Motorcycle DWI Attorney

The victim was a 23-yer-old Rock Hill resident, and was struck by a sedan being driven by a 31-year-old from Charlotte. The circumstances of the collision are not completely clear, but we do know that the sedan hit the motorcyclist, and he and his 25-year-old passenger sped away.

The South Carolina Troopers later found what they believe to be the car of the hit-and-run accident hidden behind a nearby house in Rock hill.

The police were able to track down the driver of the vehicle for investigation. The passenger then voluntarily went to the police on his own accord for questioning about the incident.

Both men were both charged with the hit-and-run, and leaving the scene of an accident. The driver was additionally charged with driving with a suspended license and driving without insurance.

The bond for each of the defendants was $200,000, separately.

The motorcyclist was attended to by the medics on the scene, and then rushed to the hospital via helicopter, and is currently in critical condition.

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South Carolina Man Dies in Motorcycle Accident

Saturday night was a busy one for the South Carolina Highway Patrol after a horrific motorcycle accident.                         Motorcycle DWI Attorney

The Investigators report that the accident occurred in South Carolina, on South Railroad Avenue a little before 8:15 p.m.

The police reports state that the driver/victim of the Kawasaki Motorcycle was travelling southbound, when it rammed into the back of a Toyota 4-door while it was attempting to turn into a private driveway.

The defendant has been identified as a 38-year-old from Ridgeville. Sadly, the man was not wearing his helmet at the time of the accident that took his life.

The particular accident is still being investigated by the South Carolina Highway Patrol and more details will be released soon. All we know thus far is that the man did not survive the crash. Others were taken to the nearest hospital for observation, but have since been released in stable condition.

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School Bus Causes Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Rock Hill

Motorcycle Accident AttorneyA few weeks ago on a Wednesday morning, Rock Hill troopers were called to the scene on Highway 161, to investigate a deadly crash that took the life of a motorcyclist.

the 55-year-old motorist was riding his motorcycle when a school bus pulled abruptly into his path, causing the fatal crash.

The school bus was driven by a 71-year-old veteran with an immaculate driving history. The driver said he was in route from York District One pulling onto the highway from Pursley Dairy Road when the motorcyclist came out of nowhere.

The motorcyclist attempted to avoid the collision, and did in fact avoid colliding with the school bus, but to the detriment of himself. He and his motorcycle skidded down the road, causing life-threatening injuries that killed him only a few moments later.  The victim was wearing a helmet.

There were 15 children aboard the school bus, and luckily, none of them were injured by the incident, physically at least. Most of them were in the visual path of the accident, and witnesses the horrific event.

Other witnesses also saw the tragedy take place, but none wanted to comment on the event.

The school bus driver has been put on leave until the investigation is complete by not only the police, but the School Boards as well.

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Two Rock Hillians Charged for Hit-and-Run on Motorcyclist

Motorcycle DWI AttorneyTwo people from Rock Hill have just been suspended and charged for an overnight hit-and-run that took place last Wednesday night, when they ran their vehicle into a motorcyclist and then swiftly drove away after the crime.

The damage to the motorcyclist was severe, and he was transported to the closest hospital available via helicopter for immediate assistance.

Around 9:00 o’clock Wednesday night, the Rock Hill Police Department were contacted by a witness who saw the hit-and-run take place at the intersection of Mount Galant and Celenese Road.

The accident was involving a Yamaha R-6 motorcycle and a 2000 Infiniti sedan. The motorcyclist was a 23-year-old who as stated above, suffered life-threatening injuries due to the collision. He was reported to of not been wearing his helmet at the time of incident.

Authorities arrested both suspects and took them into the police station for questioning. Both defendants were scheduled for bond hearings this past Friday.

The 31-year-old and the 25-year-old defendants are also being charged with leaving the scene of the accident. Moreover, the 31-year-old is also being independently charged with operating an uninsured motor vehicle( which is a violation in the state South Carolina) and his second “driving under suspension” offense.

The 25-year-old is now receiving his first “driving under suspension” offense and operating an uninsured vehicle that had a suspended tag.

The accident is still currently being investigated and the police are seeking any information that could be relevant to this crime.

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