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Post-Accident Pain Journal

Accidents come out of nowhere. One minute you're working, or having fun with friends, and the next— you're in pain. When recovering from an injury, healing is your number one priority. Therefore, a post-accident pain journal can be a consideration for documenting your...

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Springtime Injury Risks

As of Wednesday, Spring is officially in session. The trees and flowers are starting to bloom, we’re preparing for April showers, and we’re finally able to put on a short sleeve shirt from time to time. While Spring is arguably one of the best seasons— it also comes...

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St. Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl: Doing it Safely

As St. Patrick’s Day fast approaches in Charlotte, NC— most people are getting ready to hit the streets for Rich and Bennett’s annual bar crawl. This coming Saturday, March 16th is a day we write down in our calendars— prepping for weeks in advance to make sure that...

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